I’ve been here almost two weeks, which of course means that I have started running out of clean clothes. Despite my attempts to air out everything I only wore for a few hours and pack as much underwear as possible before I left, I knew this day would eventually come.

When I lived in Maryland I had a washer and dryer not 10 feet from my bed, and even then I loathed laundry day. So you can imagine my disinterest when the laundry room is down a long hallway and two flights of stairs. Nevertheless I forged ahead, figured out the complex German washing machine to the best of my abilities and waited one hour for my wash cycle to complete. Because I was unaware of the timeline, my laundry process also included four separate trips to the Waschmaschineraum before it was done.

After all that, I decided my best bet was to hang dry everything, lest the dryer take a proportionally longer amount of time to try (also there are two washers are one dryer… for a building with 6 floors.)


I can only hope that my clothes smelling like fresh Niedersachsen air will contribute to my daily goal of being mistaken for a German woman.


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