a liar and a fraud.

Before I moved to Germany, 85% of the conversations I had with people about my upcoming adventure included a phrase similar to ‘I bet you’re going to drink a lot of beer!’ I would always cut back with a long-winded explanation that I had already had my time to party in Europe, and that this time I’m going for an advanced degree and I’ll probably spend more time doing schoolwork than anything else.

Bold. Faced. Lie.

We’re about to start the third week of classes, but on weekend nights I return home from the club anywhere between 3 and 7am. During the week, it’s imperative that we drown our scholastic sorrows in Germany’s greatest asset.  Our favorite bar knows to bring three pitchers at once to our table, at which time we erupt into a cheer.  The night always ends with free shots from the bartender, probably because we can rack up a bill over €100 in a night.

I just chalk it up as social interaction and cultural exploration. If only I could get my tuition to cover my bar tab.


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