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new semester, new beginnings

With one module and one (almost too long) vacation under my belt, its time to gear up for Module 2 which starts in about one hour.

I already fear for my caffeine intake. Last term I only had 3 classes, and at that, class only from 9-12:30. This time around, I have 4 classes and sometimes class from 9-5.

You’re welcome, Maxwell House (or whoever supplies the coffee the school keeps brewing for us all day…)


Things to Accomplish Over Break:


No more finalssssss


1) Clean my Apartment: A combination of being too busy to think about cleaning for the past 2 weeks or so, in conjunction with the small party I had the morning after finals, this place could use a good scrubbing. Don’t think all the spilled mimosas are coming out of the carpet, however.

2) Learn some German: The school offered a free beginner’s German course all next week. Though with 8+ years of German instruction I would like to think I’m beyond what they’re going to cover. Today I bought The Wizard of Oz in German (my skill level resides in the children’s section of the bookstore), hopefully that goes well and I can get through at least one more before the break is over. Because my current method of keeping my German fresh (trying to talk to German men at the club) isn’t really working out.

3) Further discover Hannover: I’ve been here over 2 months, but since school started I haven’t gone downtown except to go to the bar. Hopefully the weather clears up next week (rain now, boo) and I can wander around and get to know my new home a little better than the insides of bars and clubs (which has been lovely but I’m sure they have more to offer.)

4) Work on my resume/look for jobs: Though sometimes it seems that partying is my number one priority here (and I won’t deny it) I would actually like to get a job after this year of school. The first step is to have a functioning resume, which I don’t. Also I should probably figure out a less vague idea of what kind of job I want… sifting through thousands of listings isn’t the most efficient way to get this done.

5) Have fun: My friend Shaun and I are attempting to get a group together to Bierbike (yes this is a real thing) Also, I’ve committed myself to watching every episode of Arrested Development and I hope to start working on Halloween costume ideas. Hey, whats a vacation if you can’t spend too much time in bed and be lazy?

breathe some air that tastes like freedom

I’ve only been away from America for a little over 2 months and I’m already desperately missing some things.

1) Cheddar Cheese. Upon my return to Pennsylvania I request that a block of this orange delight be waiting with my name on it in the fridge at my parents’ house (ahem… looking at you Rick and Lorraine). The grocery stores here literally have aisles of cheese products the size of my entire apartment, but alas no cheddar to be found.

2) Dunkin Donuts. I don’t care how many cute little bakeries with piles and piles of pastries I see, all I want is a medium hazelnut iced coffee with cream and sugar and a bacon egg and cheese on a toasted english muffin (or sesame bagel… or both I guess). This was the last meal I had before I left America and I’m already craving the overly-sweet coffee and rubbery egg product with mystery meat.

3) Potato Chips. I’m sure with a little effort I could find a bag of Lays in Hannover. However due to budgetary restraints, I’m not about to shell out 4 euro for a snack that may not even be the same as the original version. German potato chips are like German food in general: lacking flavor. Get me some Ruffles with Ridges and a bowl of onion dip, stat. (Note: Pringles do seem to be everywhere but really… they don’t count.)

4) Sofa+TV. Now, we do have a bangin couch at school (it reclines. perfect place to catch a few winks between classes) but Sunday’s just aren’t the same when I’m propped up awkwardly on some pillows in  my (tiny) bed and waiting for (illegal?) American TV shows to buffer on my laptop which is sitting on my nightstand. What I really want is to sprawl out on the couch with a flat screen bigger than my body so I can watch Americas Next Top Model and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia in life-size. On my 11 days off from learning I might try to seek out a cheap couch to add to my apartment. We shall see.

5) Peanut Butter. Despite the fact that Nutella is freaking everywhere, peanut butter is a commodity not so easily found here. And I’m not just talking about a jar, but think about how many ways one can consume peanut butter in America. No Reese’s PB Cups. No PB cookies. No PB&J sandwiches. No Tandycakes. No Ants on a Log (ok maybe I’m grasping at straws now… you get the point.)

It may be no small coincidence that the things I miss the most are food… I certainly don’t miss driving (I much prefer riding my bike or taking public transportation.) and I’ve been able to keep up with American TV thanks to the Internets. I’m sure I could come up with more things I miss but this list is quickly becoming “My favorite foods” so I’ll quit now.

Care packages accepted 🙂

Assume the coefficient estimate of an independent variable has a t-value that is not significant in a multiple regression model. Then…

Working hard? Looks that way anyway...

Finals Week #1.

I shall return after Wednesday.

Or maybe after Thursday… big post-finals party is planned for Wednesday afternoon.