everybody looks so jolly, but it’s not christmas its diwali

Oi, this new module is killing me. Between Finance and Microeconomics I don’t have time to even think about witty things to blog about. My free time is spent partying to release stress generated by not understanding school, wading through pages upon pages of textbooks and notes that make no sense to me in the vain search for understanding, or sleeping to get rid of hangovers and/or recharge my batteries for another long day of being frustrated by school.

But thankfully, there was some time for fun that didn’t include any of these things this past weekend, when the Indians in my class threw us a Diwali party, complete with tons of food, dancing, sparklers and mehndi tattoos.

I danced so much I broke a serious sweat, and ate so much I thought I was going to burst.

All in all, a good Saturday night! The bar has been set high, and the Americans are next with Thanksgiving in a few weeks!

Close up of the Mehndi before it was dry.


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