and so it begins…


It’s not much, but there is definitely snow on that rooftop


Thanksgiving and the first snowfall on the same day, coupled with my first trip to the Hannover Weihnachtsmarkt last night.

Guess its time for Christmas!


3 thoughts on “and so it begins…

  1. Kelly 25/11/2010 at 10:38 Reply

    Snow is supposed to start today here, too, but we’re hovering just above freezing right now — so instead of snow, we are just getting dismalness.

    The sun peeked through the clouds for a couple of minutes around sunset yesterday (so, 3:30 p.m.) and I was like, oh! Light that comes from the sky! I had forgotten that could happen!!

    Germany in winter, yo. It will wear you down.

    • mandie 25/11/2010 at 19:08 Reply

      Uh yea Hannover saw the sun for about 30 seconds on Monday and I didn’t know what was going on. I squinted for the first time in months, my body was so confused.

  2. Mary Lou 25/11/2010 at 18:19 Reply

    Guess what, its snowing here also and it looks beautiful

    by the way, i cooked and grape leaves and they taste great-good job

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