oh by gosh by golly

School has been moving entirely too fast over the past few weeks, and by tomorrow I will be done with the module! (well…. close enough anyway)

As a member of the Party Planning Committee, one of our top priorities was going to be to plan a kickin end of the module/ christmas/ holiday party.  However, the administration told us multiple times to ‘not worry about it’ and that they were going to take care of it all.

Thankfully, we decided to at least plan a White Elephant gift exchange.

great turnout!

Because this was no party. One can hardly consider cookies and candy at noon (after a morning of class) a party. No music playing, no actual food (I mean, isn’t noon usually lunch time?) and the saddest Christmas tree in Hannover.

Charlie Brown had it better

To compensate, a bunch of us had our own Newman Day, ate a few weird German cookies (why is there jam hidden in every German cookie?), taught the non-Americans about the joys of the White Elephant, and peaced out. Next time the school wants to plan a party for us, we know better.


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