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Are they giving away free gold bars at that Flohmarkt?

This weekend I was reunited with two fine ladies who I met when I studied in Freiburg 4 years ago. Highlights include:

  • Almost buying a bunny rabbit coffee mug at a thrift store in Hannover
  • Waking up sore from two consecutive nights of Wii dance-offs
  • Sharing my knowledge of both coal mines and waste incineration plants at Zollverein in Essen
  • Spending many hours in the kitchen catching up with friends over Spanakopita, pumpkin pie, Feuerzangenbowle and German breakfast

–My camera charger is in my still lost bag (F*You Lufthansa) and I refuse to buy a new one. Until it is returned (or until I cave) no pictures. Sadly.–


do you know the sandwich guy…

It’s no secret that I don’t hold Hannover in the highest respect when it comes to much of anything. However, there is one ever-present saving grace of this fine city, and that is the Sandwich Guy.

This man comes to our school every weekday between 10:30 and 11am, during our morning break. Sometimes he is early and the sandwiches are already waiting on the silver plate when we get out of class.  Sometimes he is late, and his sandwiches are sold out before he can get past the reception desk. While he carries a variety of options, including egg, brie, or turkey, the above-all winner is the Tomato Mozzarella sandwich.

Imagine a collaboration between the best use of tomatoes: the Caprese salad, and the handheld wonder of a sandwich in a hard German roll. And, as all German sandwiches need a special spread of some kind, add a glob of pesto on one side of the sandwich as a final touch.

Today, as a gift to myself, who is sick for the second week and still unable to go out on a Saturday night, I procured the ingredients to this precious sandwich. To keep it interesting, however, I opted for sliced bread and the added glory of grilling (since my weekly diet consists of at least 5 grilled cheese sandwiches, generally speaking).


While the results could never compare to that of the Sandwich Guy (though it’s unclear whether he actually crafts these gastronomic gems himself or is merely the middleman), it was enough to make me feel at least a little better about the fact that I’ll be spending the night chugging multivitamin juice rather than Irish Carbombs.




I’ve had a cold since school started up again last Monday. I spent two days home sick in bed and most of the weekend doing the same, there are dirty tissues (actually toilet paper… ran out of tissues about a week ago) strewn across my apartment floor, and empty cartons of various juices are piling up next to my garbage can.

And yet the excuse to sleep for 10+ hours a night is enough to keep me from wanting to fully recover… the lack of a relaxing winter break has me yearning for being in bed past noon and staying in the same dirty pajamas for multiple days.

I thrive in filth, apparently.

(Also, shipments of American medicines will never be turned down. This country has yet to see the merits of 500 count bottles of ibuprofen.)



My Christmas vacation started with a last-minute trip to Prague. Though the guide books may claim that snow in Prague in December is a rarity, it sure wasn’t in 2010. Un-shoveled sidewalks and sub-freezing temperatures do not make for the best sight-seeing conditions.

it may look beautiful but trust me it was frigid

After my harrowing trip back to America, I didn’t have much of a chance to catch my breath. After arriving back in Kunkletown 36 hours or so behind schedule, and without a single piece of luggage, I spent my time running around town, seeing as many friends and family as I could in less than 2 short weeks.

Christmas in Kunkletown, an SU reunion, a car ride, a trip to the Chinese buffet with the Shores’, a Greyhound bus, New Year’s eve in Baltimore and a Grimmel reunion, a train, family Christmas, and 2 planes later I was in the sunny island town of Palma Mallorca.

much nicer than the weather in Prague

After tasting local Spanish sangria, tapas, jamon and paella I was again on a plane to Hannover. Luckily, my checked bag made it all the way back with me without problems, though the one I lost on December 19th on the way back from Prague is still missing somewhere between Hannover and Kunkletown.

For now, I feel like returning to the structure of going to school every day will be a welcome change to the chaotic vacation I’ve had, but I’m pretty sure that feeling won’t last long, considering I’ll be at school for at least 10 hours tomorrow, and that’s only day one of Module 3…