field trip

Last week, I went on a field trip to Dortmund (though sadly didn’t have any time to sample Rick’s favorite German bier). On this trip, we visited not only a waste processing plant, but also a steel recycling plant.

At the waste processing plant, there was so much sludge and mud that they had to let us borrow galoshes. We were taken around by a very dirty man who smoked no less than 3 cigarettes during our 45 minutes or so stay, and we learned the differences between ash, slag and scrap.

I'm the one in the hard hat, bright yellow vest and yellow galoshes...

The best part of the trip was when an energetic man (who made us all take candy from him not once but twice) blew up 62 tons of steel for us.

Before and After

After a long day of being reminded why we’re in business school and not working in blue-collar jobs, we were treated to many sandwiches (including some varieties I didn’t want to try) and then headed home, our brains full of knowledge that will hopefully help us finish this consulting project quickly and easily.

And I now know for sure that I never want to work in a waste processing plant.


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