in münchen steht ein hofbräuhaus

Well folks, it’s official: I can die happy. I finally made it to the Hofbräuhaus in Munich.

After taking part in a two hour city tour that took four hours, my travel companion and I weren’t sure what to do next. The obvious answer to that question would be to spend 5+ hours ‘barhopping’ inside the world-famous brewery in the heart of München. A Maß of Bier and some Bretzeln in the outdoor Biergarten, followed by a Käsespätzle and Bier dinner while sitting next to the band (and an old German man who wanted nothing more than to talk to us, despite our inability to understand about 90% of what he was trying to communicate), and finally Apfelstrudel (and some more, smaller, Biers) for dessert in the upstairs dining room.

And of course, we went back the next night for more of the same. God Bless Germany.

That, friends, is pure joy.


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