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bring it on

end of the module. end of the year. end of the program.

git ‘er done.


things I won’t have to miss since I’m staying in Germany

Obviously there are things that I miss about America every once in a while, but the recent abrupt change in my life plans has also made me realize the things that I like about living in Germany that I won’t have to give up, at least not for a few more years.

  • Wine for 3€ a bottle: sure there’s 2 Buck Chuck or whatever, but you would be hard-pressed to find a bottle for over 5 euro in the wine section of the grocery store here. I might miss Thursdays at Boordy, but I don’t miss paying $15 a bottle for it.
  • A wide selection of Gummies: If you’ve never walked down the candy aisle of a German grocery store, you cannot possibly fathom how many varieties of Haribo there really are. Knowing that Saure Pommes are better than Saure Bohnen, and being able to get a bag of whichever variety for under a Euro, is not something I’m ready to give up.
  • Ordering Bier by the liter: I mean, really, does this need elaborating? Additionally, being able to drink alcohol in public.
  • Being confused/ asking ‘Sprechen Sie Englisch?’: This may be weird but I sort of enjoy not being able to understand most of what’s going on around me in public. Sure, if I tried hard enough to listen I could probably get the gist, and I could at least try speaking German before making a confused face and asking ‘Englisch?’, but I think that’s part of the adventure of living abroad. Also, I never have to overhear awkward conversations on the train or in the grocery line, because to me it usually just sounds like the teacher from Charlie Brown.
  • Not driving: while I could conceivably live somewhere in the US and not have a car, the chances of that are unlikely.  Not having to worry about the price of gas, or when to get an oil change or parallel parking are all the plus sides of relying on public transport to get around.
  • Remembering the difference between first floor and ground floor: just kidding I hate this.
  • Easy, cheap travel: I love living in a world where “yea I might just pop over to France for the weekend” is a legitimate claim.
While I may have just today thought about how badly I would like a Berger Cookie*, and I always miss Dunkin Donuts (though I’m told they exist in Cologne) I think I’ll be able to survive here a little while longer.
*did not know until just now that Berger Cookies were invented by Germans. Like.

please, don’t leave me

only about 2 more weeks with these amazing classmates of mine… tragic beyond description.

big wheels keep on turnin

When the Bier Bike driver tells you he wants to use your group for his advertising, you know you’re doing something right.

times they are a’changin

The precious few readers of this blog that might exist surely noticed the change of layout. To be honest I’ve been tired of the pretzels for a while now, and I’ve had this thing for about a year (yikes).

Also I guess it’s timed well with my change in venue, as I’ll be leaving Hannover in a little over a month (yikes, again) and moving to Cologne to start a new chapter.

Stay tuned!

field day

As most people in their 20’s and 30’s do, we had a Field Day last night. Under the guise of a fundraiser for our upcoming graduation party (one month!) the Americans taught everyone about the importance of equal leg length for three legged race partners, the intricacies of the rules of kickball, and the best way to toss a water balloon far distances without it popping. We then finished up the evening with a recap of the Scavenger Hunt photos and a karaoke session.

I’m going to miss Fantasyland.

(mini) potato sack race

water balloon toss

karaoke after party


this is why you shouldn’t drink and bike folks. a bridge might jump out in front of you.