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Sitting on my couch, enjoying my last few days of sleeping til noon and watching reruns on my computer all day, there’s a sound that doesn’t belong in the background of the latest episode of Project Runway.

Oh nbd, it’s just a neighborhood accordion player strolling in the plaza playing Que Sera and other soft melodies to usher in your Monday evening. Not to be confused with the group of three guys who comes around on Wednesday nights.

Fantasyland for the win.



Dora the Explorer

Today I finally found both the time and physical energy to explore more of Cologne. I’m not sure if it was the weather or simply a fact, but the city seems to be a glorious step up from Hannover. I walked around for over 2 hours, and while I wasn’t always sure where I was, I think I know my new city little better now.

(I also experienced random flashbacks of places I had been/seen during Karneval. It’s amazing what a ginormous festival can do to a city and its establishments.)

The city from the Rhine, near to my apartment (aka about a 30 mins walk south from the center)

Cute restaurants in the Altstadt along the Rhine

This place had a bar where the tables are now, and was pumping dance music during Karneval. In real life its a cozy Spanish restaurant.

The cathedral (the Dom) at the center of the city.

Hohenzollern Bridge

The Dom and the main train station.

All the pics…

new digs, part deux

Some things are the same (bathroom, view from the balcony) but some things are different.

new bedding, big enough to cover the entire bed this time

pinboard that I will likely never use, and my Apfelwein Bembel repurposed to hold my kitchen utensils

some colorful picture frames and storage boxes

most of my clothes... still waiting on that last suitcase that the Deutsche Post was able to deliver to the wrong address but is not able to relocate

I would like to thank three huge bags of goods from IKEA for making this possible.

Next step: projector so I can watch TV from bed on that wall above the couch…Santa?

and I just can’t get enough

After living in Cologne for an entire four days I found it necessary to return to Hannover for a long weekend (wherein ‘long weekend’ = Saturday to Thursday).

Sleeping til noon (or later), being fed Indian food until I couldn’t eat any more, returning to karaoke and apparently getting up on stage to sing more than the once that I remember, becoming the ‘mother’ to a very multicultural family, and playing more Uno and watching more HIMYM than I care to admit was just the vacation I needed from my vacation of a life.

Two weeks from today = first day of work!

glamour shots by deb

Here are some photos of the apartment after being here a mere 18 hours (aka still missing a lot of stuff).

The double bed with single duvet, shelf and table-turned-desk.

My new TV (*ahem* computer) watching couch area and the armoire.

Itty Bitty kitchen.

Bathroom/ laundry facilities (and the first load of clean laundry I’ve seen in weeks!)

View from the balcony… a little more interesting than the last place.


In German 202 we were forced to watch all 53 hours and 25 minutes of a horrendous docu-drama (I just made that up) called Heimat.

That really doesn’t have anything to do with anything besides that I find myself in a new home. I moved into my Kölner apartment this evening, and have already rearranged the furniture (though unfortunately have one chair that I don’t know what to do with), found the nearest grocery and drug stores, and made an epic list of things I need to make this place complete.

I’m already living the high life in comparison to my last place, at the very least in the fact that I have a full length mirror and will no longer have to catch my shadow in the balcony sliding door to check out my outfit below my neck.

I’ll post pics in the near future, but for now I’m going to enjoy whoever’s free wireless I’ve been able to snag and dream about a trip to Butlers in the near future.