feels like the first time

While I may not remember a whole lot about the first time I attended the München Oktoberfest (5 years ago!) I do remember that it was awesome.

This year, I finally got the chance to return (in appropriate Bavarian attire!), and it did not disappoint. Despite drinking less Bier than I would have on a Thursday night while in grad school, and not eating a single gebrannte Mandel, I did enjoy the tastiest rotisserie chicken on earth, saw the Wiesn from the top of the Ferris Wheel, and got to sing my favorite German ‘act-it-out’ song (here some German hipster children will show you how it’s done).

I let my friend Kelly take care of photo duties, so here are some of her best ones.

Spaten tent in full force

with my Maβ and hand-me-down Lebkuchen heart

From the Ferris Wheel


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