Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

In my effort to improve my daily German skills, I have started taking note of the various signs posted around my workplace. Now that I’m actually attempting to read them, I’ve found that most of them are little jingles about what to do and/or not do. (the English translation never rhymes). There’s a poem about not leaving water in the kettle after you’re done with it, and one about keeping the bathroom neat. But the latest one in the ladies’ room on the 2nd floor of building K9 has really got me confused.

click to embiggen... you may or may not be glad you did.

1) Yes, those letters that go across the entirety of the top of the page is one German word. Something to the effect of ‘instructions on how to use a toilet brush’.

2) From left to right, the captions say ‘really wrong’ ‘wrong’ ‘almost right’ ‘correct’

3) This sign raises more concerns than it answers. Are German women really not sure how to use a toilet brush? Or is the German cleaning team not confident that the foreigners who work on this floor know how to use one?

God bless Germany.


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