very Nice

I was very nervous to take this ‘solo’ vacation to Nice. So nervous, in fact, that I was considering rescheduling it, and when that seemed financially inefficient I was really not looking forward to going at all.

I am so glad I went! I had an awesome time. The best part about going on vacation with no one is you can do whatever the fuck you want.

Sit on the beach for a few hours reading Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter while the spray occasionally spritzes your face and you think ‘damn this is awesome’? Check.

Climb to the top of Le Château and get a sunburn on the left half of your body while watching tourists come and go for a few hours? Check.

Have ice cream three times in two days because this place has too many interesting flavors it’s just not fair…? Check.

Go in search of dinner at 830pm, and after wandering aimlessly for a while and only finding tourist-trap restaurants selling 11 euro margarita pizzas, have a dinner of takeout fried rice while watching people celebrate the new French President? Check.

If only I had not decided to spend my nights in a hostel (where the average age seems to be 14) this could have been the best vacation ever.



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2 thoughts on “very Nice

  1. Kelly 07/05/2012 at 22:28 Reply

    YES. Honestly, I am a tiny bit bummed Stephen and Conor are joining me in Copenhagen, because I was legit looking forward to taking myself on my second purposefully solo vacation, including fancy-ass dinner reservation FOR ONE.

  2. […] May I took myself on my first solo vacation, to Nice. And in June I returned to Freiburg only to have my phone stolen whilst I was […]

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