i’ll even let you be my chammak challo

If I had to take a guess, I don’t think I experienced India the way most people do. You hear about people making pilgrimages there, going to learn yoga and cleanse their souls, get back to basics and get a feel for how one of the most rapidly growing countries lives. While I did experience some of these things, they certainly were not at the core of my trip.

I went to hang out with my friends. I saw some classmates that I hadn’t seen since graduation in July, I drank more than my fair share of Kingfisher beer and Fenny (not recommended. ever.) I spent at least half of the trip with friends who live much better than the average Indian, and because of that I got to experience quite a different side of the country. While I may not have seen the Taj or prayed in a temple, I got to see the India that my friends live in, which is good enough for me.


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One thought on “i’ll even let you be my chammak challo

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