The Continuing Story of Black Berry.

Being in my mid-twenties means, to me, being continuously reminded of things about myself which could use some tweaking and/or revamping. Par example:

  • being too lazy to go out and make more than two friends in the city I’ve been living in for nearly a year
  • not having any hobbies to speak of other than keeping my nails painted with the most up-to-date colors
  • complaining about each and every thing like it were the end of the world

On the last point, however, I have really been struggling lately. I know that having my touch screen phone stolen is not worth complaining about, my life could be much worse and I should be happy that at least I didn’t have to downgrade all the way to the phone I had last year. But damnit if I don’t miss being able to look up the quickest train connection, play a long-distance game of Scrabble with my mom, and email pictures from my cell phone (how was this not a standard function in 2009?).

camera quality leaves something to be desired on the Bold 9700*

I foresee a dip into my savings in the near future, and one less vacation this year.

*this homemade Butter Chicken with roti was amazing, and the photo does this absolutely no justice.


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