Last weekend I had the pleasure of hosting a dear friend of mine over her birthday weekend. I love the opportunity to show off my favorite places in Cologne, as well as try out some new ones, and these 5 days were surely no exception.

Highlights include:

Thursday: Madeline arrives! We sip Kölsch while sitting in a Strandkorb by the Rhine. Take a tour of the city center via Bimmelbahn. Eat Schnitzel and Käsespätzle before going to bed early.

Friday: We spend the morning waiting for the Klempner, followed by shopping at some of Germany’s hottest stores. A thrown-together bean salad for dinner, followed by meeting my creepy Russian neighbor, too many beers, and discovering Ham and Cheese flavored snacks at the Kiosk.

Saturday: Another lazy morning, including brunch at a new-to-me French cafe. The rest of the day is spent at my friend Kedar’s, where we enjoy homemade Chole and too many bottles of Yellow Tail. A late-night Döner rounds out the evening.

Sunday: Madeline’s actual birthday! We eat a disappointing (to me) brunch across the street from my apartment, take advantage of free admission to the Chocolate Museum on one’s birthday as well as some boozy hot chocolates. Peek into the Mustard Museum on our way home, to sample the three nastiest-looking Joey’s pizzas (in the name of science!) and watch Snapped in my bed.

Monday: Last minute souvenir shopping, followed by some packing and lounging. A farewell German dinner, including entirely too much beer for a Monday night and befriending our server, Holger, who claims to be the father of four illegitimate children. I am barely coherent when Madeline leaves my apartment at 430am to catch her flight back to America. I spend the first half of my Tuesday at work with a questionable level of sobriety.


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  1. Best gubertstag ever

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