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i’m gonna write you a letter, i’m gonna write you a book

Last weekend, in desperate need of getting off German soil, I packed up and visited a friend in Amsterdam for approximately 38 hours. This isn’t a whole lot of time to dedicate to one’s inaugural visit to a country, but in this time I managed to:

  • Spend some time in a coffee shop
  • Eat (probably) my weight in Stroop
  • Snap a few pictures on a cloudy, self-guided walking tour of the city center
  • See the Anne Frank house (and the queue to get in) from across the canal. Also, download her diary to my Kindle and start reading it on the train ride home.
  • Enjoy what is apparently the best Apple Pie in Amsterdam (Holland? the World? I can’t remember the claim)
  • Spend enough time playing with Marcus’ roommate’s Gordon Setter puppy, Otis, to remember that dogs are smelly and slobbery but most of the time it’s still nice to have someone stick their cold nose in your ear when they want to play

Not a bad way to spend a weekend.

Coming up: Kelly and I are running in a 10k on Saturday! At night! To be immediately followed by a bar crawl in my neighborhood (the Fall Pub Marathon, appropriately enough). This can end no way but awesome, in my opinion.


Kölner Saturday: a timeline in cell phone pictures

8:00am – An anonymous human rings my doorbell no less than 5 times. I am wrenched from my slumber.

9:00am – I am on a train, decked in my finest Saturday attire on my way to the Gebrauchtfahrradmarkt

9:30am – I am the owner of a bicycle!

10:00am – basket and lock for bike purchased

11:00am – basket and lock for bike installed

12:00pm – a stroll across the street leads me to a street fair. sights and smells abound, including two separate types of fish worth photographing: Flammlachs (grilled salmon?) and … unknown hanging fishes.

12:30pm – I stop in at an Optik store. After an exam with a woman whose English is as good as my German, I anxiously await the arrival of my contact lenses in about a week!

(Well this is just a pic of me not wearing my glasses… preview of what’s to come!)

1:00pm – I fall in love with this jacket, but decide to sleep on its purchase. I think I might have to go with the red one, I look a bit like the Gorton’s Fisherman here…

2:30pm – I walk past a bakery. The baguettes are strangely prepared for Oktoberfest. (Shouldn’t it be the pretzels who are ready for the occasion?)

3:30pm – I schlep myself to to the grocery store to prepare for the Chicken Parm I have promised to cook tomorrow. Christmas cookies are already on the shelves. Determine that we are having Turkey Parm tomorrow because turkey cutlets are on sale.

4:00pm – I spend the rest of the day cleaning my apartment and watching movies.

Happy Saturday!