Kölner Saturday: a timeline in cell phone pictures

8:00am – An anonymous human rings my doorbell no less than 5 times. I am wrenched from my slumber.

9:00am – I am on a train, decked in my finest Saturday attire on my way to the Gebrauchtfahrradmarkt

9:30am – I am the owner of a bicycle!

10:00am – basket and lock for bike purchased

11:00am – basket and lock for bike installed

12:00pm – a stroll across the street leads me to a street fair. sights and smells abound, including two separate types of fish worth photographing: Flammlachs (grilled salmon?) and … unknown hanging fishes.

12:30pm – I stop in at an Optik store. After an exam with a woman whose English is as good as my German, I anxiously await the arrival of my contact lenses in about a week!

(Well this is just a pic of me not wearing my glasses… preview of what’s to come!)

1:00pm – I fall in love with this jacket, but decide to sleep on its purchase. I think I might have to go with the red one, I look a bit like the Gorton’s Fisherman here…

2:30pm – I walk past a bakery. The baguettes are strangely prepared for Oktoberfest. (Shouldn’t it be the pretzels who are ready for the occasion?)

3:30pm – I schlep myself to to the grocery store to prepare for the Chicken Parm I have promised to cook tomorrow. Christmas cookies are already on the shelves. Determine that we are having Turkey Parm tomorrow because turkey cutlets are on sale.

4:00pm – I spend the rest of the day cleaning my apartment and watching movies.

Happy Saturday!


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