Monthly Archives: October 2012

sunday funday

Sundays, when I’m not out seeing the world, my friend KD and I get together at his place. One of us cooks, we watch some movies or some ‘serials’ (his vocabulary choice, not mine), smoke some shisha (out on the balcony when it’s not winter) and chat.

This Sunday it was my turn to cook, which is always exciting since my own kitchen is about the size of a closet and is seriously lacking an oven. I attempted to make spinach artichoke dip, but since I neglected to drain the frozen spinach, it turned out more like spinach artichoke soup. (The good thing about cooking for someone who didn’t grow up with the same foods as you is you can play it off when something doesn’t turn out exactly as you had intended. Dip is supposed to be runny!)

on its way to becoming a bowl of hot cheesy dip

if you serve it with veggies, its healthy… right?

Luckily, the apple crisp that I made for dessert more than made up for my soupy appetizer.

personal pan pie

do yourself a favor and zoom in on this one

Before I turned into Martha Stewart, we went to a Volksfest down the street. We paid entirely too much for an awful haunted house (though KD finally jumped out of his skin at the very end… so not entirely a loss) ate some Bailey’s flavored roasted almonds and then quickly returned home to defrost.


don’t be a Richard

Every once in a while, I latch on to a new (usually only new to me) technology and love it for all its worth. Previously: Twitter, FourSquare and Checking in on Facebook. This weekend, it was Instagram.

before and after Instagram of the street our hotel was on

It also coincided with a Hannover reunion in Bamberg, where we all realized just how far we’ve come from a year and a half ago, as a majority of us spent Saturday too hungover to function. My 2011 self would be so disappointed.

Despite the fact that I only had a tiny sip of their famous Rauchbier (it really does taste like ham!) we were able to see some quaint southern German charm, catch up on each other and the rest of our classmates, and edit the pictures taken with our smartphones to look like they were taken decades ago.

Its what all the kids are doing these days.