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or as we used to call it: arts *and farts* and crafts

Either it’s because of the holiday season, or that I keep leaving colored paper and various art supplies just lying around my apartment, but my idle hands have been kept quite busy over the last few weeks.

I made decorations and a star for my foot-and-a-half tall Christmas tree

Redid the decor in my kitchen.

Crafted some (perhaps not entirely politically-correct) Thanksgiving headgear, and made all 8 guests at FFM Thanksgiving don them.

Strung up some mitten garland across my mirror

There is also a green and red paper chain hanging in my entryway and I’m sure there is more to come before I fly back to America on the 21st!


shovels and rakes and implements of destruction

Technically, this is the first Thanksgiving dinner I’ve cooked on my own! KD is always eager to let me try out new recipes on him, and I daresay that I exceeded his Thanksgiving expectations.

We started with a simple beer bread, had faux green bean casserole (which could have used double the sauce) mashed potatoes and frozen turkey cutlets, for the sake of tradition. All smothered in a pack of McCormick Brown Gravy (not the best thing I’ve ever made but… authentic, at the very least.)

In my humble opinion, the piece de resistance was the Raspberry Cobbler, thrown together at the last minute in lieu of a more labor-intensive Raspberry Pie with the help of this recipe and a box of frozen berries (and, full disclosure, a few scoops of vanilla ice cream).

We listened to Adam and Arlo, Skyped my family and watched Big Daddy. Definitely not the worst Thanksgiving I’ve ever had.

schatzi schenk mir ein photo

When I think about moving, I’m not quite sure how I’ll live in a city that doesn’t take a few days out of every year to dress in costumes, sing silly songs and day-drink.

da simmer dabei, dat ist prima

feathers, spandex, prepped liver… tomorrow is Karneval.

Viva Colonia!


Being from rural Pennsylvania, fall (‘autumn’, as my coworkers insist) for me means apple cider and hayrides and jack o lanterns. Germany doesn’t seem to have quite the same vibe come this time of year, but that doesn’t mean that I crave some crisp country air any less.

Thanks to the wonders of the Google search, I was able to find a place to fulfill (some of) my needs.

A 45 minute train and bus ride later we were out of the city, in a small town where the bus only runs once every two hours. I taught KD what a gourd is, bought my first brussels sprouts of the season, ate too much Reibekuchen mit Apfelmus (though really is there such a thing as too much potato?) and had some fun photo ops.

big apple

bigger potato