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allein in einer fremden Stadt

2013-03-01 10.40.09

At the end of February I took a few days off of work and met Rick in Amsterdam for the day. We arrived around the same time on Thursday morning, but since had (literally) just flown from America, I gave him a few hours to nap and wandered the city on my own. After accidentally walking through the Red Light District I treated myself to a latte and the most delicious sandwich (goat cheese and hummus and honey and zucchini) at a cafe called Staalmeesters. Which does not seem to have a website but by no means does this mean that I do not recommend it!

photo (4)

After seeking out the famous big yellow clog (near Dam Square in front of a souvenir shop, for anyone who is wondering), we spent the afternoon at the Heineken Experience. Of course it was very touristy but you get some free beers during the tour and my dad even bought me a bottle of Heineken with my name on it, which was pretty cool.

2013-02-28 15.46.28

We rounded out the day with dinner at Winkel 43 which, if you will recall, I went to the last time I was in Amsterdam. We had actual dinner but really went there for the apple cake. Delish.

The next day I was left to my own devices, as Rick had to go back to America (no rest for the weary!) After staying in the hotel as long as possible (thanks for the free lodging!) I headed out for a day of wandering. I stumbled upon some real gems, notably the Eichholtz Delicatessen, which was utterly overwhelming, and Kitsch Kitchen where I had to really restrain myself from purchasing any household items. I also fell in love with Hopjes (coffee-flavored candies), and would not turn down a bag of them from anyone who visits Holland in the future (!)

2013-03-01 12.29.07

Eventually it was time to go home, along with my backpack full of American treats my mom sent along and enough Stroop to last me the 2:45 train ride home.


i’m gonna write you a letter, i’m gonna write you a book

Last weekend, in desperate need of getting off German soil, I packed up and visited a friend in Amsterdam for approximately 38 hours. This isn’t a whole lot of time to dedicate to one’s inaugural visit to a country, but in this time I managed to:

  • Spend some time in a coffee shop
  • Eat (probably) my weight in Stroop
  • Snap a few pictures on a cloudy, self-guided walking tour of the city center
  • See the Anne Frank house (and the queue to get in) from across the canal. Also, download her diary to my Kindle and start reading it on the train ride home.
  • Enjoy what is apparently the best Apple Pie in Amsterdam (Holland? the World? I can’t remember the claim)
  • Spend enough time playing with Marcus’ roommate’s Gordon Setter puppy, Otis, to remember that dogs are smelly and slobbery but most of the time it’s still nice to have someone stick their cold nose in your ear when they want to play

Not a bad way to spend a weekend.

Coming up: Kelly and I are running in a 10k on Saturday! At night! To be immediately followed by a bar crawl in my neighborhood (the Fall Pub Marathon, appropriately enough). This can end no way but awesome, in my opinion.