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(not-so) Handy

For the past 8 months I’ve been the proud beholder of a Blackberry Bold. Email, BBM, Twitter, Google search, all at my fingertips and available at the spur of the moment.  I’ve loved most of my time spent with this great pocket-sized piece of technology. However, the life of a grad student in a foreign country doesn’t lend itself to fancy phones and data plans.

Introducing: my ‘new’ mode of cellular communication.

Hello, Nokia 1662

A certain friend of mine (*ahem* LAC) thinks her phone is straight out of 1996. Well, dear friend, does your phone have Snake preloaded on it? I didn’t think so. Only a phone with the original cell phone game can be categorized as ‘old school’. Not only does this phone not flip, it also doesn’t have T9 capabilities… back to taking 10 minutes to type out one text message for this girl.

On the plus side, the phone does have a flashlight built into it and a great feature called “speaking clock” (take that, Blackberry).

So while I may not be Tweeting or emailing anywhere near my former capacity, just know that I may very well be in contention for the Snake Champion of 2010.