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new semester, new beginnings

With one module and one (almost too long) vacation under my belt, its time to gear up for Module 2 which starts in about one hour.

I already fear for my caffeine intake. Last term I only had 3 classes, and at that, class only from 9-12:30. This time around, I have 4 classes and sometimes class from 9-5.

You’re welcome, Maxwell House (or whoever supplies the coffee the school keeps brewing for us all day…)



Yesterday and today I was lucky enough to have two visitors! I was a proper guide and we did what any person should do while they’re in Germany for the first time: eat and drink as much as possible.

We had döner kebap:

Enough lamb (and lamb burps) for quite some time.

Went to a cafe:

And got complimentary chips and ‘guacamole’ from the bar I frequent the most:

Not really guacamole but thanks anyway, Pablo!

Not pictured include falafel, multiple stops at a bakery in the train station for a variety of pretzels, Burger King, a few pitchers of Strongbow, and a trip to Starbucks.

I can only hope that I gave them a good slice of German life. If not, they’re on their way to Munich for Oktoberfest anyway…