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April showers bring May flowers

After returning from Spain, April has been pretty quiet. Which is good, because I have something planned for every weekend in May (and parts of June) so my bank account really needed a chance to get prepared for the onslaught of trips and visitors.

That’s not to say that I haven’t been busy.


I’ve spent every Sunday on a hike with my walking team. We’re training for a 100K charity walk this September. So far, the furthest we’ve walked is 17K so… we have a bit more training yet to do.

2013-04-02 21.44.52

I saw one of my favorite bands in concert. There is nothing better in this world than singing along to your favorite songs, live, with the actual people who made them famous.

2013-04-12 18.33.29

2013-04-12 18.16.16

Kedar and I went to this little Volksfest near his apartment. I got my favorite German festival food, fried cauliflower with garlic sauce, and I won some pom-poms for hitting a few balloons with darts.

2013-04-13 16.38.21

My friend Maren came to visit on one of the most beautiful weekends so far this year. We wandered around the city during the day, and spent the night coming up with excuses to not perform at Karaoke night.

2013-04-15 19.29.14

Had my first meal on my balcony of the year, and introduced cabbage to my diet (totally in love with Asian-inspired cabbage salads these days, and even made it into filling for Vietnamese spring rolls last night!)

I am crazy jazzed for May and all the cool things I have planned, but April has been pretty great too!


sunday funday

Sundays, when I’m not out seeing the world, my friend KD and I get together at his place. One of us cooks, we watch some movies or some ‘serials’ (his vocabulary choice, not mine), smoke some shisha (out on the balcony when it’s not winter) and chat.

This Sunday it was my turn to cook, which is always exciting since my own kitchen is about the size of a closet and is seriously lacking an oven. I attempted to make spinach artichoke dip, but since I neglected to drain the frozen spinach, it turned out more like spinach artichoke soup. (The good thing about cooking for someone who didn’t grow up with the same foods as you is you can play it off when something doesn’t turn out exactly as you had intended. Dip is supposed to be runny!)

on its way to becoming a bowl of hot cheesy dip

if you serve it with veggies, its healthy… right?

Luckily, the apple crisp that I made for dessert more than made up for my soupy appetizer.

personal pan pie

do yourself a favor and zoom in on this one

Before I turned into Martha Stewart, we went to a Volksfest down the street. We paid entirely too much for an awful haunted house (though KD finally jumped out of his skin at the very end… so not entirely a loss) ate some Bailey’s flavored roasted almonds and then quickly returned home to defrost.

how to cook everything

I am very lucky to have a Germany BFF (not German… full-blooded American, for sure) who loves to cook. I try to see her as often as possible, and the agenda always includes her cooking for me, while I help out by drying the dishes and putting them back where they don’t belong. She also froths the milk for my coffee, which helps make up for the fact that her couch is 6 inches too short to be comfortable to sleep on.

Recently, we met up for the weekend, with the intention of cooking mass amounts of unhealthy treats from Kevin‘s blog (we are on a first-name basis with many popular food bloggers. It’s whatever). What we ended up doing was eating rather healthily, spending a day at a beach, and partying well into the night.

Friday night were these, except at my suggestion we made them into burgers rather than meatballs, and we chowed down on them topped them with parma ham and homemade pesto from her basil plant.

Saturday morning we had bagels! With cream cheese! Hard to come by in Germany but there is a bagel store in Frankfurt apparently.

Saturday for lunch we had these wraps, except with normal chickpeas and sans apple because Kelly thought it would be better without… she was wrong. Also mine fell apart in transit on our way to the beach. Luckily, we had packed a fork.

Sunday she was able to crank out this dip before having to lay prone in bed again to fight off her hangover. (We might be getting too old to get home from the club at 3am).

Naturally, I didn’t take a single picture in the 2.5 days I was there, so I’ll leave you with my favorite picture of Kelly.