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lessons in patience

I’m drafting this in Word because thank you, Philadelphia Airport, your wi-fi isn’t working.

You may be asking yourself, “Where are you finding the time to draft a blog post in Philly?” Well, curious readers, I found the time when my flight was delayed at least 3 hours (final count yet to be determined, as we haven’t left yet) due to Delta Airlines being unable to ensure that there are enough mechanics on hand at any given time to give clearance for an international flight to depart. Instead, we’re waiting for an additional mechanic to be flown in from Cincinnati (where the fuck is that, Ohio?) to inspect our airplane so we can take off.

Thankfully, I watched the entire first season of Airline (starring Southwest Airlines) on Netflix earlier in the year, so I know all about the trials and tribulations of air travel. It’s unclear whether I’ll be able to make my connecting flight in Paris, as our delay is around the same amount of time as my layover between flights there. For now, I’m just playing it cool, munching on this $3.99 bag of Combos I bought when they so kindly let us off the plane about an hour ago, and counting how many people come running up to gate A8 only to find that they have missed their flight to Phoenix. Current count: 5.

** Update: Made it to Paris. About 4 hours behind schedule, but still alive and ready to tackle the world… or something.