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donde esta la biblioteca?

Did you know that Spanish is listed under “languages” on my resume? Bet you didn’t. But after a weekend in Spain with a friend who kept getting confused and answering questions in German (instead of even attempting Spanish or just speaking English, which everyone speaks anyway) I feel confident enough to add “Spanish – Tourist Proficiency” to my list of skills.

2013-03-31 12.54.52

After spending Easter in Spain I can also add the following to my list of skills:

  • Choosing a vacation destination based on “what is the cheapest flight out of Germany on these dates?”
  • Nodding and smiling when someone answers my broken-Spanish question with a rapid-fire Spanish answer.
  • Making very detailed lists of recommended restaurants and things to do on a trip, and then not consult that list a single time.
  • Managing to visit at least one of the recommended restaurants for dinner (by accident!), though spend the night drinking copious amounts of Spanish wine and not eating many of the actual Tapas.
  • Getting sunburnt from spending a few hours rotating between the beach, a cafe in the sun, and back to the beach in Palamos.
  • Choosing a restaurant based not on recommendations or menu, but on its name (Fish!)

I may not have gotten an Easter basket or eaten a single chocolate egg, but I still consider Easter 2013 a wild success. 

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it ain’t easter without…

I am really proud of myself for successfully re-creating one tiny part of my family’s Easter. While Thanksgiving may be better known as a ‘food holiday’, my stomach has always been more loyal to Easter. One day a year (or maybe a few more, depending on who gets stuck taking what leftovers) I  can stuff my face with my favorite holiday foods: kielbasa, red pickled eggs and Easter cheese, piled on crackers with enough Gold’s horseradish to make you feel like you will never have a stuffy nose again. (The best part of this tradition is obviously watching everyone’s faces as they pile on the horseradish, which “isn’t as hot this year”)

Despite the fact that my mom’s recipe for pickled eggs called for two dozen, I was able to scale it down to a mere four (how many eggs can one girl eat, really?) and after filling my pantry with the ten or so spices necessary to make pickling spice (thanks to my new cookbook) and waiting two weeks for the brine to work its magic, I have enjoyed my first bite of Easter. A few days early but hey, it’s officially Easter weekend in my book, which is close enough.

top o’ the morning to ya

After nearly a week of traipsing around Ireland like a roaming Viking (which who knew they have ties to Dublin?) I have returned to Hannover for 10 days of catching up and preparing for and completing my second to last round of grad school finals. But never fear, after completing what could be up to 6 hours of Service Operations presentations, I will be back on the road to Munich and Italia for a week or so.

Ireland is hands-down legit the Emerald Isle. Thanks to our Paddywagon driver Joe (awesome tour, btw) we spent three days on the world’s most cramped bus listening to tales of Irish folklore, learning the words to Galway Girl, and seeing all the sights southern Ireland has to offer. Including but not limited to:

Galloway: unfortunately on Good Friday, where the sale of alcohol is prohibited country-wide. It is not advised to spend Good Friday in Ireland. As a result of both an early start and the lack of things to do in Galloway, there is not a single photo of the city on my camera. But here’s a picture of the bus we rode around in for 3 days instead (complete with travel buddy)

The Cliffs of Moher: on perhaps the sunniest day southern Ireland has ever seen, lending itself to some fabulous pics

Some tiny Medieval Irish towns, and then to Blarney to kiss the stone. I can state with conviction that this is not an advisable activity while both hungover and bus-sick. It would also do one well to research the actual kissing of the Blarney Stone before agreeing to take part in the act.

The bus tour was capped off with a trip to the Guinness factory, my only complaint being the hurry with which I had to finish my complementary pint.

The next day Lauren and I wandered around Dublin alone, impulsively deciding to take part in a Viking Tour (complete with chic headwear and life vests for safety)

Finally yesterday we finished up with a day trip, where we enjoyed a Kilkenny in Kilkenny and spent about 5 hours parked at the Temple Bar listening to live Irish tunes. While I do not particularly look forward to all the schoolwork that looms ahead of me, I will be glad to shower without flipflops and not eat every meal in a restaurant, at least for a few days.

And a few more gratuitous pictures of Ireland because it was so damn lovely.