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I has a sad.

The only photo that made it out of the weekend alive, because I emailed it to my dad.

In what can only be described as a cruel life lesson, my cell phone (and Kelly’s) was stolen while I was sleeping in a hostel in the most beautiful city in Germany. Sadly, this also means that I will not be able to share with you pictures of:

  • Me pulling a plastic boat by a string through Bächle
  • Me standing in front of the apartment building I lived there the last time I was in Freiburg, nearly 6 years ago
  • Any of the numerous Feierling Biers we enjoyed
  • The interior of Hansel and Gretls (where they were out of the dish we went there specifically to eat)

At least, that is, until Kelly uploads the ones she took and I steal them all for myself.

(Also, if you have a fancy touchscreen smartphone that you would like to donate to a cause, I can send you my address.)


Are they giving away free gold bars at that Flohmarkt?

This weekend I was reunited with two fine ladies who I met when I studied in Freiburg 4 years ago. Highlights include:

  • Almost buying a bunny rabbit coffee mug at a thrift store in Hannover
  • Waking up sore from two consecutive nights of Wii dance-offs
  • Sharing my knowledge of both coal mines and waste incineration plants at Zollverein in Essen
  • Spending many hours in the kitchen catching up with friends over Spanakopita, pumpkin pie, Feuerzangenbowle and German breakfast

–My camera charger is in my still lost bag (F*You Lufthansa) and I refuse to buy a new one. Until it is returned (or until I cave) no pictures. Sadly.–

rain, rain, go away

The last time I lived in Germany, I lived in beautiful Freiburg. Nestled in the southwest corner of the Black Forest, the city is said to have the best weather in all of Germany. This picture was taken in late September just outside of Freiburg. Notice the sun, short sleeves, and general feeling of happiness in the photo.

Life is good in Southern Germany

In stark contrast, however, the following picture was taken just recently on a normal Hannover afternoon.

You can't see the raindrops but trust me they are there.

We quickly learned that one should never leave their Hannovrian home without an umbrella or rain jacket, as there is a 100% chance of rain at some point in every day. Usually this rain arrives in the form of the sudden storm, where one minute you think you’re about to see the sun peek through the thick layer of clouds, but the next minute out of nowhere the wind picks up and the drops start falling. God forbid you’re on a bike or walking somewhere without hope of cover, as you will be stranded in 10-15 minutes of ferocious downpour.

In other words, no one comes to Hannover to get a suntan.