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unstoppable force

Rather than going back in time and explaining my trip to India (everyone who reads this knows all about it anyway) I am just going to leap back into writing and pretend it hasn’t been nearly 4 months since the last time I wrote something legit. I think its spring like today or tomorrow so, New Season, New Beginnings!

This past weekend was the holiest of all mid-March holidays, St Patrick’s Day! I rounded up some old friends (as in I’ve known them for a long time [6 years!] not that they are getting up there in age) and celebrated to the fullest. I made these (though due to me basically making up my own recipe for the jello part, they were not sweet enough and we only ate like 3 each. The trash got the rest.) and Suz made green pancakes for breakfast. Then we donned as much green as socially acceptable and headed out to the biggest Irish pub I know in Cologne. However, we were turned away at the door because it was already too full, so we went around the corner to a smaller, though no less crowded, Irish pub. A few hours of drinking Guinness and meeting people from all over the British Isles later, we purchased our final green product: a can of sour cream and onion Pringles.

Successful St Patty’s Day? I’d say so.


field day

As most people in their 20’s and 30’s do, we had a Field Day last night. Under the guise of a fundraiser for our upcoming graduation party (one month!) the Americans taught everyone about the importance of equal leg length for three legged race partners, the intricacies of the rules of kickball, and the best way to toss a water balloon far distances without it popping. We then finished up the evening with a recap of the Scavenger Hunt photos and a karaoke session.

I’m going to miss Fantasyland.

(mini) potato sack race

water balloon toss

karaoke after party

ready, set, go!

Last night we had a city-wide Scavenger Hunt. While my team ended up in last place, we certainly had fun wreaking havoc on the poor citizens of Hannover for three hours.

Take a picture with a bear

Take a picture with the building the graduation party is going to be in

power 10!

Last week, before jaunting off for a week of vacation, I took the presence of two dear friends of mine (as well as gorgeous weather and a light course load) as an opportunity to finally get a group together to Bier Bike.

The premise is simple: book the ‘bike’ for a few hours, buy a few kegs to stock it, burn some CDs, and travel around town having the time of your life. Powered only by the legs of yourself and your 9 closest friends (but with room for 16 people total) (and thankfully steered by a designated driver), there is really nothing jollier than a group of people singing and drinking and spreading cheer around downtown Hannover.

Next time, were doing it in costume.