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This past weekend about half my class packed up and headed to Leipzig for some sort of business school-based soccer tournament. However, as none of our players were German and we were more focused on being the best dancers the night before than preparing for intense physical activity, we didn’t win a single game. But if there were an award for “Most Team Spirit” or “Best Dance Moves” or “Most Ridiculously Lime Green Jerseys” we would have definitely taken home a few trophies.


Auf geht’s Hannover schieß ein Tor

Ignore the beer spilled on my shirt, please.

No one would classify me as a ‘sports fan’. I get bored watching any sport on tv, and even my favorite international tradition of all time, the Olympics, can only hold my attention for so long.

The experience of seeing a sport played live, however, is a completely different story.  This summer I was lucky enough to see the United States Men’s National Team play soccer against Turkey before headed to the World Cup. Since then, I have been dying to get to a German soccer game. The sea of red and green fan scarves, the pounding of Hannover’s fight songs, and the smell of bratwurst and bier is the perfect atmosphere to call out my inner sports enthusiast. By the end of the match I morph into a soccer expert, calling players pansy’s for feigning injury and shouting at the top of my lungs when a goal is scored.

Though I guess it doesn’t hurt that Hannover won last night, either.