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This week was absolutely ridiculous when it came to schoolwork. Perhaps its due to the severe lack of work we’ve been assigned in recent months, but three stressful days and nights is more than I was interested in so close to the end of the school year. Thankfully I had the comforts of my Italian souvenirs to remind me of a simpler time, when my biggest concern was sunburn and where we were going to get wine next.

A bean salad made from Italian Cannellini beans on Monday*, matching my Murano glass bead earrings to my dress on Tuesday, and coffee out of my Leaning Tower of Pisa mug on Wednesday made this week a little easier to bear.

it tastes better if you lean while drinking

*yea I bought myself half a kilo of beans as a souvenir, so what.



I’ve had a cold since school started up again last Monday. I spent two days home sick in bed and most of the weekend doing the same, there are dirty tissues (actually toilet paper… ran out of tissues about a week ago) strewn across my apartment floor, and empty cartons of various juices are piling up next to my garbage can.

And yet the excuse to sleep for 10+ hours a night is enough to keep me from wanting to fully recover… the lack of a relaxing winter break has me yearning for being in bed past noon and staying in the same dirty pajamas for multiple days.

I thrive in filth, apparently.

(Also, shipments of American medicines will never be turned down. This country has yet to see the merits of 500 count bottles of ibuprofen.)



My Christmas vacation started with a last-minute trip to Prague. Though the guide books may claim that snow in Prague in December is a rarity, it sure wasn’t in 2010. Un-shoveled sidewalks and sub-freezing temperatures do not make for the best sight-seeing conditions.

it may look beautiful but trust me it was frigid

After my harrowing trip back to America, I didn’t have much of a chance to catch my breath. After arriving back in Kunkletown 36 hours or so behind schedule, and without a single piece of luggage, I spent my time running around town, seeing as many friends and family as I could in less than 2 short weeks.

Christmas in Kunkletown, an SU reunion, a car ride, a trip to the Chinese buffet with the Shores’, a Greyhound bus, New Year’s eve in Baltimore and a Grimmel reunion, a train, family Christmas, and 2 planes later I was in the sunny island town of Palma Mallorca.

much nicer than the weather in Prague

After tasting local Spanish sangria, tapas, jamon and paella I was again on a plane to Hannover. Luckily, my checked bag made it all the way back with me without problems, though the one I lost on December 19th on the way back from Prague is still missing somewhere between Hannover and Kunkletown.

For now, I feel like returning to the structure of going to school every day will be a welcome change to the chaotic vacation I’ve had, but I’m pretty sure that feeling won’t last long, considering I’ll be at school for at least 10 hours tomorrow, and that’s only day one of Module 3…

oh by gosh by golly

School has been moving entirely too fast over the past few weeks, and by tomorrow I will be done with the module! (well…. close enough anyway)

As a member of the Party Planning Committee, one of our top priorities was going to be to plan a kickin end of the module/ christmas/ holiday party.  However, the administration told us multiple times to ‘not worry about it’ and that they were going to take care of it all.

Thankfully, we decided to at least plan a White Elephant gift exchange.

great turnout!

Because this was no party. One can hardly consider cookies and candy at noon (after a morning of class) a party. No music playing, no actual food (I mean, isn’t noon usually lunch time?) and the saddest Christmas tree in Hannover.

Charlie Brown had it better

To compensate, a bunch of us had our own Newman Day, ate a few weird German cookies (why is there jam hidden in every German cookie?), taught the non-Americans about the joys of the White Elephant, and peaced out. Next time the school wants to plan a party for us, we know better.

everybody looks so jolly, but it’s not christmas its diwali

Oi, this new module is killing me. Between Finance and Microeconomics I don’t have time to even think about witty things to blog about. My free time is spent partying to release stress generated by not understanding school, wading through pages upon pages of textbooks and notes that make no sense to me in the vain search for understanding, or sleeping to get rid of hangovers and/or recharge my batteries for another long day of being frustrated by school.

But thankfully, there was some time for fun that didn’t include any of these things this past weekend, when the Indians in my class threw us a Diwali party, complete with tons of food, dancing, sparklers and mehndi tattoos.

I danced so much I broke a serious sweat, and ate so much I thought I was going to burst.

All in all, a good Saturday night! The bar has been set high, and the Americans are next with Thanksgiving in a few weeks!

Close up of the Mehndi before it was dry.

new semester, new beginnings

With one module and one (almost too long) vacation under my belt, its time to gear up for Module 2 which starts in about one hour.

I already fear for my caffeine intake. Last term I only had 3 classes, and at that, class only from 9-12:30. This time around, I have 4 classes and sometimes class from 9-5.

You’re welcome, Maxwell House (or whoever supplies the coffee the school keeps brewing for us all day…)

Assume the coefficient estimate of an independent variable has a t-value that is not significant in a multiple regression model. Then…

Working hard? Looks that way anyway...

Finals Week #1.

I shall return after Wednesday.

Or maybe after Thursday… big post-finals party is planned for Wednesday afternoon.