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nananana nananana hey hey hey… goodbye

Well folks, that’s it.

11 months later I have over 50 new friends from around the world, can run a regression in Excel, gained about 15 pounds, partied until the break of dawn more times than I care to count, am now the beholder of two MBA degrees, and have a job in a new city starting in September. While I’m devastated that my year at GISMA is over, I’m looking forward to exploring Cologne, working again, losing my bier gut, and making more friends, whom I can only hope will be equally as amazing as the ones I found in Hannover.

As my friends trickle out of Hannover over the coming days and weeks I’m sure I will shed more than my fair share of tears, but my fears for the next two years I’ll spend in Cologne are alleviated at least a little, in remembering how terrified I was when I moved to Hannover and how well it worked out in the end.



please, don’t leave me

only about 2 more weeks with these amazing classmates of mine… tragic beyond description.

times they are a’changin

The precious few readers of this blog that might exist surely noticed the change of layout. To be honest I’ve been tired of the pretzels for a while now, and I’ve had this thing for about a year (yikes).

Also I guess it’s timed well with my change in venue, as I’ll be leaving Hannover in a little over a month (yikes, again) and moving to Cologne to start a new chapter.

Stay tuned!

crunch time

T-5 weeks until Graduation… uh I’m sorry, what?

Between now and then:

  • City-wide scavenger hunt
  • Field Day
  • Capture the Flag
  • Bier Bike (In costume… so upset I lost my eggplant hat in Cologne)
  • 4th of July BBQ
  • Finals (ew)
  • Running of the Bulls (perhaps)
  • Graduation Party at the Town Hall (and my parents come!)

And of course, all the while, seeking employment.

But seriously though… where did the year go?