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Germany, sometimes I just don’t understand why you like the foods that you do

jarred corn on the cob? srsly?


wir lieben lebensmittel

Understandably, grocery shopping in Germany has been a bit of a challenge. Thankfully, my German skills are slightly high enough to know what (most) labels say. However, that’s not the issue.

As a grad student with little money and even less time, whenever I do manage to go grocery shopping I need to maximize the experience. I start at Aldi, the cheaper grocery store, and get as many things as I can there. The only problems are that 1) Aldi doesn’t believe in handbaskets (and I refuse to get a cart for under 10 items) and 2) Aldi seems to hire the fastest cashiers on the planet. So not only am I walking around the store aimlessly, trying not to squish my bread or drop my apples while I browse 55 cent cans of soup and mystery lunchmeats, but then I’m expected to bag my own groceries at the speed of light. Thankfully, there’s a table just past the cash registers where I can get myself situated after everything has been shoved haphazardly into my canvas shopping bag.

I didn't take this... but maybe you can imagine my stress based on the judgemental face of the cashier.

From here I go to Edeka, next door with slightly higher prices and better quality, and it’s almost a pleasure to fill the gaps in my shopping list left by my scarring experience at Aldi.

I hope that after 11 months of shopping like this I eventually come up with a way to deal with this newfound grocery store stress. The tradeoff is that my favorite German cookies can be found at Aldi so… at least its not all bad. And I can get 400g of cheese for €1,59.

Excitement the first day I found 'seed cookies' in Hannover.