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bring it on

end of the module. end of the year. end of the program.

git ‘er done.



This week was absolutely ridiculous when it came to schoolwork. Perhaps its due to the severe lack of work we’ve been assigned in recent months, but three stressful days and nights is more than I was interested in so close to the end of the school year. Thankfully I had the comforts of my Italian souvenirs to remind me of a simpler time, when my biggest concern was sunburn and where we were going to get wine next.

A bean salad made from Italian Cannellini beans on Monday*, matching my Murano glass bead earrings to my dress on Tuesday, and coffee out of my Leaning Tower of Pisa mug on Wednesday made this week a little easier to bear.

it tastes better if you lean while drinking

*yea I bought myself half a kilo of beans as a souvenir, so what.


I haven’t been a student in over 2 years.

Additionally, I have never taken a single business class, save for Statistics in college, which I did poorly in, assuming I would never need it anyway.

Because of these factors, I’m having a difficult time re-emerging into the life of an academic. I only have class until 12:30 daily, and then the remaining 11 hours or so until I go to bed are free for me to do my homework.  Currently, it’s really not that much work. However, here I sit at 9:30pm with not much accomplished considering I arrived home by 3.

This is where the self-bribery comes in. Being the American that I am, that bribe usually comes in the form of food.

“If I make some toast, then I’ll eat that while I read this chapter.”

“I’ll just munch on these pretzels while I analyze this data in Excel.”

“I’ll whip up a quick pot of Old Bay popcorn and then calculate the interquartile range of this data.”

Being the good Maryland girl that I am, I brought Old Bay to Germany for emergency situations.

However, this is going to lead to many problems I’m sure, not the least of which is the oil and spices that are currently covering the touchpad and keyboard of my computer.

And despite my desire to avoid doing so, I may in fact ‘blow up’ (thanks Sonny) before my return to America… all in the name of academia.

(I also bribe myself with time to write blog posts but… thats another story)