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This week was absolutely ridiculous when it came to schoolwork. Perhaps its due to the severe lack of work we’ve been assigned in recent months, but three stressful days and nights is more than I was interested in so close to the end of the school year. Thankfully I had the comforts of my Italian souvenirs to remind me of a simpler time, when my biggest concern was sunburn and where we were going to get wine next.

A bean salad made from Italian Cannellini beans on Monday*, matching my Murano glass bead earrings to my dress on Tuesday, and coffee out of my Leaning Tower of Pisa mug on Wednesday made this week a little easier to bear.

it tastes better if you lean while drinking

*yea I bought myself half a kilo of beans as a souvenir, so what.


when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, thats amore

One word: homeland.

Shortly after landing in the land from whence my last name came (though I’m really less Italian than anything else, ancestrally) the wine started flowing and five days of pasta, pizza and gelato commenced.

After finding the Leaning Tower (less anti-climatic than I had imagined, actually) the five of us plopped down at the first restaurant we found, and 7 liters of wine and a raging hangover later we were on our way to Florence. Sadly, we left possibly mere hours before the cast of the Jersey Shore arrived, but we did have time for some serious flea market shopping and to spend more on two amazing meals than I do on groceries in a month.

By the time we got to Venice we were weary, with blistered feet and constantly dehydrated from a combination of too much wine and sun. We mustered the energy to see the sights, but spent a large amount of time just sitting by the water, waiting for the next Ambulanza to race by and singing to passing gondolas.

Pisa  Florence  Venice