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don’t stop believin

There is something so magical about reuniting with friends, some of whom you haven’t seen in a over a year, and just spending time being a whole lot of ridiculous.

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Also, “celebrating” the fact that the school you all earned MBA’s from has gone bankrupt. (I wish I were kidding). Thank God for dual-degree programs!


and I just can’t get enough

After living in Cologne for an entire four days I found it necessary to return to Hannover for a long weekend (wherein ‘long weekend’ = Saturday to Thursday).

Sleeping til noon (or later), being fed Indian food until I couldn’t eat any more, returning to karaoke and apparently getting up on stage to sing more than the once that I remember, becoming the ‘mother’ to a very multicultural family, and playing more Uno and watching more HIMYM than I care to admit was just the vacation I needed from my vacation of a life.

Two weeks from today = first day of work!

field day

As most people in their 20’s and 30’s do, we had a Field Day last night. Under the guise of a fundraiser for our upcoming graduation party (one month!) the Americans taught everyone about the importance of equal leg length for three legged race partners, the intricacies of the rules of kickball, and the best way to toss a water balloon far distances without it popping. We then finished up the evening with a recap of the Scavenger Hunt photos and a karaoke session.

I’m going to miss Fantasyland.

(mini) potato sack race

water balloon toss

karaoke after party