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new digs, part deux

Some things are the same (bathroom, view from the balcony) but some things are different.

new bedding, big enough to cover the entire bed this time

pinboard that I will likely never use, and my Apfelwein Bembel repurposed to hold my kitchen utensils

some colorful picture frames and storage boxes

most of my clothes... still waiting on that last suitcase that the Deutsche Post was able to deliver to the wrong address but is not able to relocate

I would like to thank three huge bags of goods from IKEA for making this possible.

Next step: projector so I can watch TV from bed on that wall above the couch…Santa?



In German 202 we were forced to watch all 53 hours and 25 minutes of a horrendous docu-drama (I just made that up) called Heimat.

That really doesn’t have anything to do with anything besides that I find myself in a new home. I moved into my Kölner apartment this evening, and have already rearranged the furniture (though unfortunately have one chair that I don’t know what to do with), found the nearest grocery and drug stores, and made an epic list of things I need to make this place complete.

I’m already living the high life in comparison to my last place, at the very least in the fact that I have a full length mirror and will no longer have to catch my shadow in the balcony sliding door to check out my outfit below my neck.

I’ll post pics in the near future, but for now I’m going to enjoy whoever’s free wireless I’ve been able to snag and dream about a trip to Butlers in the near future.

Con te partirò



Getting ready to move is a messy process. I’ve already packed 3 boxes and a suitcase… no end in sight. The good news is I won’t be moving again for two years, which is a personal record for this girl to stay in one residence in quite some time.



times they are a’changin

The precious few readers of this blog that might exist surely noticed the change of layout. To be honest I’ve been tired of the pretzels for a while now, and I’ve had this thing for about a year (yikes).

Also I guess it’s timed well with my change in venue, as I’ll be leaving Hannover in a little over a month (yikes, again) and moving to Cologne to start a new chapter.

Stay tuned!