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crabs for christmas

As part of my annual ‘need-to-see-everyone’ trip while I am in America, I spent a scant 40 hours or so in Maryland. I spent an evening with my Maryland family, enjoyed some homemade chicken and dumplings and laughed and caught up on the Harford County gossip from the last six months.

On New Years Eve Kelly and I ventured out for lunch at the Owl Bar, where I had the full Bawlmer experience by getting crab cakes and a natty boh (or 2). Then we went to Hampden to see the Christmas lights and had a bison burger at the Golden West Cafe before heading home to watch the ball drop.

2013-01-01 01.51.52

2013-01-01 01.49.54

And this song has been stuck in my head since.

HAPPY 2013!



My Christmas vacation started with a last-minute trip to Prague. Though the guide books may claim that snow in Prague in December is a rarity, it sure wasn’t in 2010. Un-shoveled sidewalks and sub-freezing temperatures do not make for the best sight-seeing conditions.

it may look beautiful but trust me it was frigid

After my harrowing trip back to America, I didn’t have much of a chance to catch my breath. After arriving back in Kunkletown 36 hours or so behind schedule, and without a single piece of luggage, I spent my time running around town, seeing as many friends and family as I could in less than 2 short weeks.

Christmas in Kunkletown, an SU reunion, a car ride, a trip to the Chinese buffet with the Shores’, a Greyhound bus, New Year’s eve in Baltimore and a Grimmel reunion, a train, family Christmas, and 2 planes later I was in the sunny island town of Palma Mallorca.

much nicer than the weather in Prague

After tasting local Spanish sangria, tapas, jamon and paella I was again on a plane to Hannover. Luckily, my checked bag made it all the way back with me without problems, though the one I lost on December 19th on the way back from Prague is still missing somewhere between Hannover and Kunkletown.

For now, I feel like returning to the structure of going to school every day will be a welcome change to the chaotic vacation I’ve had, but I’m pretty sure that feeling won’t last long, considering I’ll be at school for at least 10 hours tomorrow, and that’s only day one of Module 3…