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concrete jungle where dreams are made of

In the past 10 days I’ve been in at least 5 different cities (wherein ‘city’ is a loosely defined term… I’m not sure that many people would count Scranton, PA as any type of metropolitan area.)

In this time, I feel that I’ve learned (relearned?) some valuable travel lessons. Thank god, because I leave in 10 days. Some highlights include:

1) Don’t lose your shit when something goes horribly awry. There is always a plan B. And you will not be stranded in Manhattan because of a Chinatown bus driver’s incompetence.

2) Driving in a city is a real pain in the ass. Additionally, the world will be a better place when I am no longer behind the wheel of a vehicle on a daily basis.

3) Even though it’s probably only a few dollars more for an upgrade, cheap lodging always brings its own kind of adventure. Being afraid of what may have been in/on/around a bed before your arrival is for whimps and will only decrease your fun.

Happy Travels! The countdown is on!