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pip pip cheerio

Leg Three of Spring Break: London

After exhausting the tourist sites in Paris, I returned to CDG and headed to London to meet up with Lorraine!

We went to mass in Westminster Abbey

my German friend took this from about a mile away, apparently

Wandered around in the Tower of London for a few hours

complete with Beefeater tourguide

Went shopping in an assortment of stores, from Harrod’s to Marks and Spencer

she later returned to buy the smaller version

Met some girls learning English in Trafalgar Square and answered their probing questions

we wanted them to take our picture... guess they still have some learning to do

Finished the trip with a visit to Rick’s favorite London spot, the Tiroler Hut.



ooh la la

Leg Two of Spring Break: A week in Paris

Highlights Include:

Spending so much time in the Louvre we needed to leave for a lunch break

Climbing to the top of the Eiffel Tower

And later watching it sparkle

Getting bone juice dripped on me at the catacombs

Eating a skewer of seafood in the Latin Quarter

I’ll be home for Christmas…?

God is punishing me. For what, I am not sure. But I am definitely in trouble for something.

Saturday, on our way back from an impromptu trip to Prague (aside: don’t go to Prague in December. What a terrible idea) Emily and I found ourselves on the losing end of European air travel and stranded in Munich airport. Luckily, we were beckoned to a secret rebooking desk where we were able to secure not only a flight back to Hannover for the next morning, but also a hotel room for the night, provided so kindly by Lufthansa. After a frigid trip to Eastern Europe a complimentary night’s stay in a bed and breakfast in the suburbs of Munich was just what we needed. Granted, we had no luggage (and still don’t) but at least we were warm, could get a shower, and slept in real beds.

Though a cot does beat a cold metal chair.

Monday morning, I had no choice but to confront the Hannover airport (“hell within hell” as a friend of mine has coined it) once again for my trip back to America for Christmas. After a 430am wakeup call, a broken train and a shared taxi ride to the airport, I thought I was home-free. My flight to Paris was delayed an hour, but still on the board at least. However, after checking in (and checking my luggage) I was informed that the Paris airport is closed for the morning, and my flight won’t be leaving until noon. Five hours, a few naps, and a passionate conversation with Jakub about our hatred of being stuck in Europe later, I was in the air and on my way to Paris. Though of course, I did miss my flight to Philadelphia. Thankfully, the help desk line for Delta was non-existent (real bonus to flying on an American airline at this time) and I was barely able to be rebooked on a flight to Philadelphia… 20 hours later and via Pittsburgh and Detroit.

During my time as an airport vagrant, I walked up and down the entire building, tested many chairs to find the best sleeping conditions (and therefore slept through the sleeping mat/ cot/ blanket distribution), got lucky in a vending machine and got a bag of peanut M&M’s for free, and have been rationing the 5 clementines and 3 granola bars I brought with me. 4 ½ hours until my flight is supposed to leave… we shall see.