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don’t stop believin

There is something so magical about reuniting with friends, some of whom you haven’t seen in a over a year, and just spending time being a whole lot of ridiculous.

2013-05-01 00.18.11Paris_may13_1671919497_10151659148610452_927972006_o

Also, “celebrating” the fact that the school you all earned MBA’s from has gone bankrupt. (I wish I were kidding). Thank God for dual-degree programs!


da simmer dabei, dat ist prima

feathers, spandex, prepped liver… tomorrow is Karneval.

Viva Colonia!

picnics, reunions and colds

Two weekends ago I trudged off to Frankfurt to visit Kelly, judge meet her new boyfriend, and enjoy an indoor picnic with my favorite English-speaking expats who also happen to be based in Frankfurt and/or Essen. After spending too much time shopping and being lazy, we slapped together a feast of salads, homemade guac and gazpacho and a few bottles of French wine. The next morning brought Kelly’s famous french press coffee (with frothed milk!) and Suz’s homemade blueberry muffins.

The following week my apartment became a hotel for a few days while my friend Megan was in town. She cooked quesedillas (with real American salsa!) for me and kept the dirty dishes out of my kitchen sink. Then we were off to Hannover, for a weekend of reliving our grad school days, including tuna melts and towers of beer, people watching at 2 for 1 beer night, karaoke and rickety carnival roller coasters.

This weekend I am set to head off to Nice for a solo vacation (my first one!). However a persistent cough as well as a forecast of weekend rain are making me quite less than excited for this adventure. Keep your fingers crossed/thumbs pressed that it exceeds my expectations, even if it doesn’t consist of getting a sunburn while eating baguettes and reading trashy novels on my Kindle.

land that I love

This is how our school 4th of July party started:

already missing a few biers, actually

I’m sure you can guess how it ended.

In between there were: cheeseburgers and roasted marshmallows, games of flip cup, beer pong and kickball, a sea of red white and blue, and a rousing rendition of God Bless America in the lecture hall.



big wheels keep on turnin

When the Bier Bike driver tells you he wants to use your group for his advertising, you know you’re doing something right.

power 10!

Last week, before jaunting off for a week of vacation, I took the presence of two dear friends of mine (as well as gorgeous weather and a light course load) as an opportunity to finally get a group together to Bier Bike.

The premise is simple: book the ‘bike’ for a few hours, buy a few kegs to stock it, burn some CDs, and travel around town having the time of your life. Powered only by the legs of yourself and your 9 closest friends (but with room for 16 people total) (and thankfully steered by a designated driver), there is really nothing jollier than a group of people singing and drinking and spreading cheer around downtown Hannover.

Next time, were doing it in costume.

everybody looks so jolly, but it’s not christmas its diwali

Oi, this new module is killing me. Between Finance and Microeconomics I don’t have time to even think about witty things to blog about. My free time is spent partying to release stress generated by not understanding school, wading through pages upon pages of textbooks and notes that make no sense to me in the vain search for understanding, or sleeping to get rid of hangovers and/or recharge my batteries for another long day of being frustrated by school.

But thankfully, there was some time for fun that didn’t include any of these things this past weekend, when the Indians in my class threw us a Diwali party, complete with tons of food, dancing, sparklers and mehndi tattoos.

I danced so much I broke a serious sweat, and ate so much I thought I was going to burst.

All in all, a good Saturday night! The bar has been set high, and the Americans are next with Thanksgiving in a few weeks!

Close up of the Mehndi before it was dry.