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I found myself with some downtime tonight (no class tomorrow, just some team-building activities, most likely to be held in the rain.) I’m guessing whoever it is that reads this is probably interested to see what Hannover looks like.

As an (I’m sure) avid reader of this blog, you will know that I’m not good at remembering to take pictures when I’m out and about, but I did manage to snap a few on our tour of the city last Friday.

The new town hall and some pretty sky.

The Marktkirche, church in the old part of town

Another view of the Marktkirche

Contender for "World's Most Boring Tour Guide"



I’m not a photographer. Most of the time I forget to bring my camera when I go places, and oftentimes even if I have it, I never take it out of my bag.

Many of my classmates, thankfully, are not this way.

As we’ve been getting to know each other over this first week, there have been many group outings and adventures to bars, clubs, city halls and street festivals. The over-exubarance of the photogs in the group results in a spectacle like none other: a herd of 30-50 students from all over the world posing on street corners, building steps and bus stops while one poor soul takes the same photo on everyone’s camera.

My picture smile will be in full force this coming year, I feel.

Hard to say how many times we did this same pose.