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brought to you courtesy of the red white and blue

Last weekend I invited every friend I have in Germany (and some outside the country) to celebrate one of my favorite holidays. I was going to say this is my favorite holiday but I think I say that about every one?

After creating a ruckus due to attempting to barbeque on my balcony, we moved to the park down the street to feast on potato salad, pie and bacon wrapped sausages, accompanied by a few crates of German beer and the trusty shisha my friends and I have been passing around since living in Hannover. There weren’t any fireworks, but there were my newly-acquired American flag picnic blanket and Kelly’s stars and stripes leggins.

The best part is that in 24 hours, my feet will touch American soil! It’s been two years since I was in the US in the summertime, and I cannot wait for some sweet corn, Maryland blue crabs, and fresh peaches from Heckman’s Orchards.


picnics, reunions and colds

Two weekends ago I trudged off to Frankfurt to visit Kelly, judge meet her new boyfriend, and enjoy an indoor picnic with my favorite English-speaking expats who also happen to be based in Frankfurt and/or Essen. After spending too much time shopping and being lazy, we slapped together a feast of salads, homemade guac and gazpacho and a few bottles of French wine. The next morning brought Kelly’s famous french press coffee (with frothed milk!) and Suz’s homemade blueberry muffins.

The following week my apartment became a hotel for a few days while my friend Megan was in town. She cooked quesedillas (with real American salsa!) for me and kept the dirty dishes out of my kitchen sink. Then we were off to Hannover, for a weekend of reliving our grad school days, including tuna melts and towers of beer, people watching at 2 for 1 beer night, karaoke and rickety carnival roller coasters.

This weekend I am set to head off to Nice for a solo vacation (my first one!). However a persistent cough as well as a forecast of weekend rain are making me quite less than excited for this adventure. Keep your fingers crossed/thumbs pressed that it exceeds my expectations, even if it doesn’t consist of getting a sunburn while eating baguettes and reading trashy novels on my Kindle.