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This past weekend I packed up my trusty Jansport and headed to visit my friend Maren for the weekend in my favorite German state. As a real German and not just an expat, she lives in a real apartment (with more than one room!) and owns a car, so obviously I was headed for a weekend of adventure.

any city looks cool from above

Saturday we met up with some friends from school, and between cafe’s we made it to the top of the Hauptbahnhof (via elevator) to get a view of Stuttgart from above.

After a night at Esslingen’s newest and hottest nightclub (or so some of its patrons thought when getting dressed for the evening) we spent Sunday afternoon at a pumpkin festival at a palace outside of Stuttgart, where luckily I was able to purchase some roasted pumpkin seeds to replace the ones I tried (and failed) to make myself sans oven.

what was left of the world's largest pumpkin by the time we got there

sometimes Germans can have a sense of humor


It was a graveyard smash.

To celebrate the coming of a holiday that isn’t really celebrated here (or at least not with quite the same gusto as in ‘Merica), I tracked down a pumpkin, found my sharpest steak knife, and got to work.


the setup




finished product

Next: buy whatever American candy I can find and go into a sugar coma while wearing the devil-horn headband I intend on wearing to work on Monday.

Happy Halloween!