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Leg Four of Spring Break: Hannover

For the final leg of my multi-city spring break, I brought my mom back to Hannover to show her where I spend my days. Surprisingly, we were able to find enough things to do and see to fill two and a half days.

Even though the weather was cold and miserable, we went to the top of the city hall to get a view of Hannover


We walked the Red Thread, the self-guided tour to all Hannover’s hotspots (who knew there would be more than 30 points of interest?)

We ate Spätzle and Goulasch and Flammkuchen and lots of German pastries. And I think my mom drank more beer in a few days than she has in the last year.

Now, its time to get my head back in the game and back to school mode. Time to look for jobs, study (at least a little bit) and not live out of a suitcase anymore. At least until Easter break…


pip pip cheerio

Leg Three of Spring Break: London

After exhausting the tourist sites in Paris, I returned to CDG and headed to London to meet up with Lorraine!

We went to mass in Westminster Abbey

my German friend took this from about a mile away, apparently

Wandered around in the Tower of London for a few hours

complete with Beefeater tourguide

Went shopping in an assortment of stores, from Harrod’s to Marks and Spencer

she later returned to buy the smaller version

Met some girls learning English in Trafalgar Square and answered their probing questions

we wanted them to take our picture... guess they still have some learning to do

Finished the trip with a visit to Rick’s favorite London spot, the Tiroler Hut.


ooh la la

Leg Two of Spring Break: A week in Paris

Highlights Include:

Spending so much time in the Louvre we needed to leave for a lunch break

Climbing to the top of the Eiffel Tower

And later watching it sparkle

Getting bone juice dripped on me at the catacombs

Eating a skewer of seafood in the Latin Quarter

lions and tigers and bears and … aubergine?

Leg One of Spring Break: Karneval in Köln

With a veritable zoo (plus a few foods and other costumes) we headed to Cologne for 2 days of Karneval celebrations.

A few bloody faces, lost costume parts, and a ‘borrowed’ Lara Croft arm rounded out a weekend that included both memories I will never forget and ones I’ll never remember.


Backstreet’s back … ALRIGHT!

Ok well, maybe Backstreet’s not back (though I’d have to check with LC on that one to be sure) but my lost suitcase sure is!

Never thought I would be so happy to see this bag.

After surviving ten weeks without a blowdryer, my favorite jeans, and black dress shoes, I’m glad to have my stuff back. Now to do 2 week’s worth of laundry plus everything that was in that bag before I leave for 2 weeks’ vacation on Friday…