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The Continuing Story of Black Berry.

Being in my mid-twenties means, to me, being continuously reminded of things about myself which could use some tweaking and/or revamping. Par example:

  • being too lazy to go out and make more than two friends in the city I’ve been living in for nearly a year
  • not having any hobbies to speak of other than keeping my nails painted with the most up-to-date colors
  • complaining about each and every thing like it were the end of the world

On the last point, however, I have really been struggling lately. I know that having my touch screen phone stolen is not worth complaining about, my life could be much worse and I should be happy that at least I didn’t have to downgrade all the way to the phone I had last year. But damnit if I don’t miss being able to look up the quickest train connection, play a long-distance game of Scrabble with my mom, and email pictures from my cell phone (how was this not a standard function in 2009?).

camera quality leaves something to be desired on the Bold 9700*

I foresee a dip into my savings in the near future, and one less vacation this year.

*this homemade Butter Chicken with roti was amazing, and the photo does this absolutely no justice.


I has a sad.

The only photo that made it out of the weekend alive, because I emailed it to my dad.

In what can only be described as a cruel life lesson, my cell phone (and Kelly’s) was stolen while I was sleeping in a hostel in the most beautiful city in Germany. Sadly, this also means that I will not be able to share with you pictures of:

  • Me pulling a plastic boat by a string through Bächle
  • Me standing in front of the apartment building I lived there the last time I was in Freiburg, nearly 6 years ago
  • Any of the numerous Feierling Biers we enjoyed
  • The interior of Hansel and Gretls (where they were out of the dish we went there specifically to eat)

At least, that is, until Kelly uploads the ones she took and I steal them all for myself.

(Also, if you have a fancy touchscreen smartphone that you would like to donate to a cause, I can send you my address.)