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ramblin’ (wo)man

I just spent at least half an hour trying to make a Google map of all the places I went while I was in the US for 2 weeks. Epic fail. Suffice it to say, I was all over the PA turnpike, to Baltimore and back and seemingly everywhere in between.

I saw a dear friend get married, and at some point in the evening my nose ring disappeared.

I visited my favorite place on earth, in Middle River, MD and got to see ‘adoptive’ family members in MD and PA (I am well-loved by my friends’ families)

I ate a whole pack of Taylor Ham and got my hands on some sharp cheddar cheese and Thomas’ English muffins to go with it. Additionally I enjoyed crabs smothered in Old Bay, sweet corn on the cob, Italian water ice, gravy fries,  a crab-stuffed monte cristo, a huge Italian hoagie, and enjoyed an avocado and bacon omelette while surrounded by dismembered baby doll heads and millions of PEZ dispensers.

I also saw my actual family, and it always surprises me that my young cousins remember who I am after I abandon them for a large majority of the year.

All in all, not a bad way to spend two weeks in July.


brought to you courtesy of the red white and blue

Last weekend I invited every friend I have in Germany (and some outside the country) to celebrate one of my favorite holidays. I was going to say this is my favorite holiday but I think I say that about every one?

After creating a ruckus due to attempting to barbeque on my balcony, we moved to the park down the street to feast on potato salad, pie and bacon wrapped sausages, accompanied by a few crates of German beer and the trusty shisha my friends and I have been passing around since living in Hannover. There weren’t any fireworks, but there were my newly-acquired American flag picnic blanket and Kelly’s stars and stripes leggins.

The best part is that in 24 hours, my feet will touch American soil! It’s been two years since I was in the US in the summertime, and I cannot wait for some sweet corn, Maryland blue crabs, and fresh peaches from Heckman’s Orchards.

we’ll raise up our glasses against evil forces

In some parts of America, you will be hard-pressed to find a country music fan.

Outside of America, you would imagine that lovers of cowboy boots and bolo ties would be even more rare.

Not Monday night in Cologne. And I’m not talking about a scenario where every American for miles around came for this concert. I didn’t hear a single American aside from Toby Keith all night.

Despite the fact that clearly my phone takes the world’s worst pictures (especially while trying to take them with a beer in one hand and simultaneously singing along), you can clearly see the outlines of cowboy hats.

You can’t see (but I promise there were) hundreds of pairs of cowboy boots and more than one shirt like the following:

That’s stars on the right sleeve, stripes on the left sleeve.

Despite the fact that Toby didn’t sing Courtesy of the Red White and Blue (though I guess the excitement would have been lost on this crowd anyway) I had a rowdy time by myself in the back corner, singing along and trying to decide if the guy I was standing next to actually was Garth Brooks.