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ein Prosit

If there is one thing I love above all else, it is an occasion to dress up in a silly outfit and drink with my friends.

I am lucky enough to have some friends living in Southern Germany (the best part of Germany, obviously) and last weekend we met up for a good old-fashioned Bavarian Bier Festival. Picture Oktoberfest in the forest.

Despite the fact that I already own a bright pink Dirndl, I found myself in the Tracht section of a department store and walked out of there with a brand new one (though not without first swapping blouses for one I liked better).


We spent the rest of the day enjoying Festbier by the liter, eating pretzels the size of steering wheels and dancing on tables. Not a bad way to spend a sunny Saturday, if you ask me.



how to cook everything

I am very lucky to have a Germany BFF (not German… full-blooded American, for sure) who loves to cook. I try to see her as often as possible, and the agenda always includes her cooking for me, while I help out by drying the dishes and putting them back where they don’t belong. She also froths the milk for my coffee, which helps make up for the fact that her couch is 6 inches too short to be comfortable to sleep on.

Recently, we met up for the weekend, with the intention of cooking mass amounts of unhealthy treats from Kevin‘s blog (we are on a first-name basis with many popular food bloggers. It’s whatever). What we ended up doing was eating rather healthily, spending a day at a beach, and partying well into the night.

Friday night were these, except at my suggestion we made them into burgers rather than meatballs, and we chowed down on them topped them with parma ham and homemade pesto from her basil plant.

Saturday morning we had bagels! With cream cheese! Hard to come by in Germany but there is a bagel store in Frankfurt apparently.

Saturday for lunch we had these wraps, except with normal chickpeas and sans apple because Kelly thought it would be better without… she was wrong. Also mine fell apart in transit on our way to the beach. Luckily, we had packed a fork.

Sunday she was able to crank out this dip before having to lay prone in bed again to fight off her hangover. (We might be getting too old to get home from the club at 3am).

Naturally, I didn’t take a single picture in the 2.5 days I was there, so I’ll leave you with my favorite picture of Kelly.


After a strenuous two full days of work for the first time in 13 months (!) I jaunted off to Switzerland (via night train) to meet my dad for part of the weekend.

I spent Saturday wandering the city in flipflops, ducking into cafe’s for a respite from the sun and accompanying burn. Sunday Rick and I enjoyed some Swiss food* and ended the afternoon with some amazing chocolates.

* I wish we had ordered this (apparently) Swiss specialty… steak on a sword?

die schweiz

the river

lake zürich

how poor people eat for a day in a place as expensive as switzerland


This past weekend about half my class packed up and headed to Leipzig for some sort of business school-based soccer tournament. However, as none of our players were German and we were more focused on being the best dancers the night before than preparing for intense physical activity, we didn’t win a single game. But if there were an award for “Most Team Spirit” or “Best Dance Moves” or “Most Ridiculously Lime Green Jerseys” we would have definitely taken home a few trophies.

just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale…

Friday morning we visited Lüneburg, had lunch at an outdoor beach bar in cold, windy weather.

Then travelled to Hamburg, perused the red light district and bought some brightly-colored wigs to wear to a field hockey game.

Spent the night in the basement of a hostel, and the next day took a boat tour of Hamburg (and perhaps took a nap during it) and returned to Hannover that evening.


Just a typical weekend.